2023 European Cultural Centre-Italy Architecture Awards


2023 ECC-Italy Architecture Award: Snøhetta (NOR)

In 2023, the ECC Award for Architecture was awarded to Snøhetta (NOR).
For more than 30 years, Snøhetta has designed some of the world’s most notable public and cultural projects. Snøhetta started in 1989 with the competition-winning entry for the new library of Alexandria, Egypt. This was later followed by the commission for the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet in Oslo, and the National September 11 Memorial Museum Pavilion at the World Trade Center in New York City, among many others. Since its beginning, the practice has maintained its original transdisciplinary approach, and integrates architectural, landscape, interior, product, graphic, digital design and art across its projects.


2023 ECC-Italy Design Award: Light Cognitive (FIN)

In 2023, the ECC-Italy Award for Design Award was awarded to Light Cognitive (FIN).
Light Cognitive is a Finnish award-winning lighting design company behind an innovative and realistic natural light solution. Using a patented machine-learning technology that emulates nature dawn-to-dusk cycle, these virtual skylights and windows, or ‘light landscapes’, gradually change in color and intensity to mimic the sky’s hues at any given time of day, effectively bringing the daylight experience indoors.


2023 ECC-Italy University Project Award: Princeton University & SOM (USA)

In 2023, the ECC-Italy Award for University Project Award was awarded to Princeton University & SOM (USA).
Angelus Novus is a collaborative network that bridges academia, applied research, and professional practice. Led by the Form Finding Lab and the UCHV Research Film Studio of Princeton University, with the participation of architects and engineers at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), this decentralized network leverages diverse ideas and expertise to advance innovative practices in design, construction, and education.

2023 ECC-Italy Art Installation Award: Adam Rouse (USA)

In 2023, the ECC-Italy Award for Art Installation Award was awarded to Adam Rouse (USA).
Adam Rouse is an architecture and design photographer based in San Francisco, California. A trained architect, Adam brings a unique understanding of light, structure, and space to each assignment. Rouse’s work, widely published, has been described as emotive and sensorial, successfully capturing the intended mood of architecture and design subjects.


2021 European Cultural Centre- USA Architecture Awards


2021 ECC-USA Architecture Award: Curtis Fentress 

In 2021, the ECC-USA Award for Architecture Award was awarded to Curtis Fentress.
Fentress Architects is an international design firm with studios in Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, California; San Francisco, California; Washington, D.C.; and Houston, Texas . Founded by Curtis Fentress in 1980, the firm passionately pursues the creation of iconic public architecture. Fentress Architects ranks among the Top Green Design Firms in the U.S. and has been pioneering sustainable design since the early 1990s — creating the world’s largest daylit structure and the largest LEED Gold building in its era. Fentress is internationally known for innovative, award-winning design of airports, museums, convention centers, laboratories, higher education, civic and government buildings.

2021 European Cultural Centre Architecture Awards


2021 ECC Design Innovation Award: Block Research Group at ETH Zurich & Zaha Hadid Architects

In 2021, the ECC Award for Design Innovation Award was awarded to Block Research Group at ETH Zurich & Zaha Hadid Architects.
Established in 2009, the Block Research Group (BRG) at the Institute of Technology in Architecture at ETH Zurich focuses on structural analysis of historic masonry vaults, computational form finding, digital fabrication and construction technologies, specialising in unreinforced masonry and concrete shells. Founded in 2007 by Patrik Schumacher, Nils Fischer and Shajay Bhooshan, the Zaha Hadid Architects Computation and Design (ZHACODE) group is a practice-embedded research team focussing on computational geometry and strategic innovations that bridge from disciplinary advances to project-based applications. 


2021 ECC Architecture Award: NANO Architecture

In 2021, the ECC Award for Architecture was awarded to NANO Architecture.
NANO is an architectural and interior design firm that serves commercial, residential, municipal, industrial, hospitality, and educational clients throughout the Gulf South Region of the United States. NANO is present in a multitude of architectural and design arenas including new construction, renovations, historic preservation and restoration, and custom furniture design. ery project as encompassing not only the most removed, observable viewpoint, but also the most detailed. They approach every project not only at the scale of the city, the block and the street, but also at the level of the smallest minutiae the joint, the reveal and the grain.


2021 ECC University Project Award: Technical University of Darmstadt

In 2021, the ECC Award for University Project Award was awarded to the Technical University of Darmstadt.
Since founded in 1877, the University has been one of Germany’s most international universities; the European technical university is committed to European values and European integration. The University focuses on large-scale, problem-based interdisciplinarity involving the engineering sciences, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. The University fosters intensive, productive interaction with society, business and politics. 

2021 ECC Art Installation Award: David Jacobson 

In 2021, the ECC Award for Art installation was awarded to David Jacobson.
David Jacobson’s sculpture, prints, and drawing have been exhibited in the UK, USA, Italy, France, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, and South Africa. His work is represented in public collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Basler Afrikanischer Bibliotek, the Modena Museum of Art. The importance of protecting nature and changing our “bad habits” are topics dear to David; the ideas and reinterpretations that the artist proposes have an ironic flavour, without dramatic or apocalyptic connotations, to better highlight the profound contradictions that represent our age.



2020 European Cultural Centre - Russia Architecture Awards


2020 ECC-RUSSIA Architecture Award: Peter Kulka 

In 2020, the ECC-Russia Award for Architecture was awarded to Peter Kulka (DEU).
Peter Kulka studied architecture from 1959 to 1964 at the University of Fine and Applied Arts in Berlin-Weißensee. He has been running his office Peter Kulka Architektur in Cologne since 1979. After German reunification, Peter Kulka returned to Dresden and set up a second office in the city. He has been a member of the city's art commission in Dresden since 1995. Some of his projects include the Royal Palace, one of the main historical monuments in Dresden. The transformation of the open courtyard into a covered lobby of the museum was among the final stages of the castle’s restoration. For Peter Kulka, architecture responds to the diverse needs of the people of its time, thus becoming alive and meaningful. A peaceful coexistence of the different requirements must be achieved. 


2018 European Cultural Centre Architecture Awards

2018 ECC Architecture Award: Odile Decq 

In 2018, the ECC Award for Architecture was awarded to Odile Decq (FRA).
Odile Decq is an accomplished French architect, urban planner and academic. She is the founder of the Paris firm and Studio Odile Decq. In 2014, she founded Confluence Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture in Lyon, France, with the aim of reinventing architecture education entirely. In 1996, she received the Golden Lion at the Venice Architecture Biennial. More recently, in 2016, she won The Architectural Review’s Jane Drew Prize for women, and she remains a sought-after lecturer, ambitious educator and an advocate for equality and women's rights.


2018 ECC Architecture University Project Award: North Carolina State University College of Design Airport Studio

In 2018, the ECC Architecture University Project Award North Carolina State University College of Design (USA)
“Future Airports: Thinking Globally.” Airport Studio has offered a constant theme that explores not only the typology of the airports of today, but also what comes next. How will airports of the future incorporate conference facilities, medical centers, hotels, businesses, financial institutions, shopping malls, civic centers, cultural icons, multimodal hubs, a broad range of entertainment and services, and other functions that have yet to be identified.



2016 European Cultural Centre Architecture Awards

2016 ECC Architecture Award: Denise Scott Brown 

In 2016, the ECC Award for Architecture was awarded to Denise Scott Brown (USA) for her life-long dedication to architecture and her presentation of "Wayward Eye" as part of the ECC exhibition "TIME SPACE EXISTENCE" at Palazzo Mora.
Denise Scott Brown is an American architect, planner, writer, educator, and principal of the firm Venturi. Scott Brown and Associates.  Through her architecture and planing, and theoretical writing and teaching,  Brown is regarded as among the most influential architects of the twentieth century. 


2014 European Cultural Centre Architecture Awards

2014 ECC Architecture Award: University of Houston

In 2014 the University of Houston presented an outstanding project about living in the Delta, at the ECC Palazzo Bembo, within the exhibition "TIME SPACE EXISTENCE".
Risky Habitat: Dynamic Living on the Buffalo Bayou
The University of Houston brings up a crucial topic on the table: the coexisting of the urban landscape and the waterfront.  The exhibition showcased the complexities and potential of the city's relationship with its waterfront.


2012 European Cultural Centre Architecture Awards


2012 ECC Architecture Award: Arata Isozaki

In 2012 he presented the exhibition ZHONGYUAN, Administrative Committee of Zhengdong New District + Arata Isozaki, at the ECC Palazzo Bembo, within the exhibition Time Space Existence - Traces of Centuries & Future Steps.
Arata Isozaki is a Japanese architect, urban designer and theorist from Oita. Despite designing buildings both inside and outside Japan, Isozaki has been described as an architect who refuses to be stuck in one architectural style, highlighting "how each of his designs is a specific solution born out of the project’s context." Isozaki won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2019.